Brew Pubs and Beer Labels nfl jerseys - New, targeted pixel ads are here

27-09-2013 17:55

Brew Pubs and Beer Labels - New, targeted pixel ads are here So much beer, so little time. With thousands of beer labels in the world and dozens of beer festivals in Canada alone, it�s been difficult to keep up with what�s new and exciting in the world of beer � until now. Three beer aficionados from Excalibur Communications have launched, a website devoted entirely to is made up of one-million pixels that brew pubs, breweries and beer brewing companies can purchase to promote their labels. Breweries can rent any number of 20 X 20 pixel spaces to advertise their unique brands to the world nfl jerseys cheap. Visitors are linked to the beer companies� websites by clicking on the labels. The unique design offers prime advertising space for nearly 2,500 different labels, all in one convenient location.The new buzz word in Internet marketing is �Pixel Advertising�, the most cost effective marketing tool to hit cyber space. Pixel advertising is very similar to a billboard on the side of a busy freeway with one exception; it is the responsibility of the pixel promoter to drive the traffic to the page (the information highway billboard). Excalibur will use traditional marketing media; magazines, newspapers, post cards, incentives and promotions to drive traffic to plus all the standard web marketing methods they have been using for years post by haiyan151. Excalibur�s pixel billboard allows each advertiser to monitor and track each beer enthusiast who clicks on their label. Excalibur is bringing true traffic accountability to their doesn�t stop there. For absolutely no charge, up to 50 beer festivals can place their logos on the site. In turn, these logos link to festival homepages. Beer lovers may scan to find out details of 50 beer festivals, learn more about new or rare brewery labels, read articles about beer and find other brew pubs and beer-related sites nfl jerseys.