Is Your Child Fat and Sick Because of A Really Bad Diet by Paula Stone

17-01-2014 16:47

Is Your Child Fat and Sick Because of A Really Bad Diet by Paula Stone
The short answer is probably yes.

In an article in Time by Andrea Sachs weight control specialist Dr. Howard Shapiro says the kids are getting type II (adult onset) diabetes at age 12.

Its something that should only happen in much older people, not kids. But it is happening.

And Dr. Shapiro says obese teens are getting high cholesterol and they could get strokes when they are only in their 20s and 30s.

In my studies of nutrition I have become very concerned that few people are actually getting the kind of nutrition they really need to be healthy Giuseppe Zanotti Femme High Top Buckled Sneakers Velvet Black.

Parents dont know what they need to know to insure that kids get the right kind of food.

And nutrition matters to their growth, development and health.

It also matters to parents good health, too.

But the diets of many people are almost devoid of good nutrition. Fast foods, convenience foods and even school lunches are poor quality, fattening foods that have very few nutrients.

What they do have is lots of fat, sugar and salt and not much else.

And these foods are making people fat and THEN, after they get fat they get sick huanghaiyan214. One follows the other inevitably.

But it does NOT have to happen to you or your children.

When I am full of food I wont take one more bite of anything no matter what it is. When I have had enough food I just stop eating.

It is a natural response that everyone should have.

Babies have it when they are less than a year old (Time article. Rethinking First Foods).

But by the time kids are 2 they are no longer paying attention to their full response. They have adopted the social training and signals that encourage them to ignore it and to overeat.

Additionally, lots of people are obese and showing the illnesses that come with it early. People with Type II diabetes (adult onset diabetes) can actually get well and need less medication if they lose weight. They may not need medication at all.

And they can avoid a lot of pain and illness, too.

The risks of heart disease are a problem for people who are obese, too.

I have maintained for years that a healthy diet includes almost no sugar. Kids like sweets. Dont we all? But sugar is not part of a healthy diet. Its an occasional treat every couple of weeks.

But many prepared foods and fast foods that Americans eat have lots of sugar. If a food manufacturer wants a food to have a long shelf life it helps to put in sugar, salt or both. Its a big problem for diabetics and people with heart disease because even foods that are savory, not intended to be sweet tasting, will have sugar in them.

The fact is that the human body cant cope with a lot of sugar and maintain good health.

My advice is always consistent. Find you and your children some real food. Skip the fast food and convenience foods. They are very poor nutrition. It makes you fat at the same time you are starved for nutrients Giuseppe Zanotti.<