Which One Of These -Incidental- Yet Sales-Killing Mistakes Are You Making In Your Sales Copy

16-12-2013 11:24

Which One Of These "Incidental" Yet Sales-Killing Mistakes Are You Making In Your Sales Copy Today I want to talk about something that was in our original mock ad that may seem incidental, but the way it washandled, is GUARANTE-ED to lower your response.You can check out that original ad, and even printout a copy of it, right here:/tips/real_estate_ad_071505.htmAt the bottom of the ad, there was a sort of "disclosure"that said "This report is courtesy of Peter Butera, ReMaxACR. Not intended to solicit properties currently listedfor sale. Copyright © 1997 giuseppe zanotti sneakers."First of all, if you can get away without having any kind ofdisclosure, than by all means, don't put one in.Sometimes though, the newspaper requires you to include thembecause they want to have "some" kind of indication thatwhat you're reading really isn't "news" -- at least, notnews published by the paper themselves anyway.But if you HAVE to include something like the writerincluded... the very WORST thing he could have done is toput down that the copyright (c) was from 1997.That's was ages ago!People want to read "news", not "olds".This is a HUGE red flag that's screaming "OLD ADVERTISEMENTRUNNING OVER AGAIN."If you HAVE to put that disclosure in, your response isgoingto be MUCH higher, changing "some-thing" in the text so youcan modify that copyright date to read "(c) current year".See, there are dozens of little things like this you mustconsider when you're putting a display ad together.Missing one of them may or may not sink you, but missing allof them, unless you're in a rabid marketplace with anamazing offer, surely will.Now go sell something,Craig GarberP huanghaiyan211.S. Check out all the prior archives you've beenmissing, right here at:/

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